Magento frustrating Error 11: A duplicate transaction has been submitted.

The issue:

When a prospective customer is checking out, the last thing you want is frustrating experience. Unfortunately when using for your merchant in Magento some errors are less than helpful. One that has come up lately is the follwoing error:

Error 11: A duplicate transaction has been submitted.

This happens when a user inputs everything correctly first except an invalid CVV code. When they fix the mistake and submit their order again, they get the error. This is confusing as users think there might be an order already placed. But what the customer does not know is their is a timeframe that they cannot submit an order in with that card in. The default is 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Now this is a security feature so someone cannot get all your information and just keep guessing the CVV number. But for the normal valid transaction it is not clear and is frustrating.

The Fix:

First we can set the time limit to something different than the 2:30 default setting.

1. Copy the following file:




2. Find the _postRequest method

3. After this line:




This will now set the window to 30 seconds.

Now you want to get rid of that very un-userfriendly message presents to your users.

1. Find the method in the same file above called _wrapGatewayError.

2. Change the code from:

return Mage::helper('paygate')->__('Gateway error: %s', $text);


if($text == 'Error 11: A duplicate transaction has been submitted.') {
    $text = 'Custom message here.'
return Mage::helper('paygate')->__('Gateway error: %s', $text);

Just enter the message you want to show your customers in this instance and you are all set.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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